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released January 1, 2010

(c) 2009 Darren Jilks
Under exclusive licence to Brave Or Invincible Records



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Years
I never thought I'd believe that simple truth from your side
But, sat at the window again, I feel the day drift out
It left only sympathy now

I lived the years that you lost, I felt the weight of your world
I saw how that cycle repeats, but I found a way out
I found a reason to try

Anything you might have learned should not be of my concern
But I kick the leaves from the ground, I try to live this out
I try to see where you are
Track Name: Second Hand
Here's a lie you don't need to hear tonight
That i don't have to hide behind
I'll never be up for a fight, I'll only seem down when you are
But this time you were right: we're not going anywhere
We choose what to make of this sleepwalk we call real-time
The days just drift by, disregarded
It's like digging both feet into old earth
They may be a life hidden here, but it's too close for comfort
It's second hand

Oh Sunday, I thought we'd made it
But you only show up in the dreams that I don't remember
That's not enough

Now she's waking up as if you'd never left her side
It's here that you recognise that nothing got lost over time
The years just pile up to disguise the ache that you felt every moment
Maybe there's no better life buried in the past, now it's over
At least second hand
Track Name: From The River
She came in cold from outside
Clear grey eyes that cut through the rain
I was barely awake, grounded
She calmed that storm the river sent
She brought that rain that now might never end
"That's fine" she said
"We'll just stay inside, I know what's on your mind"

The shade of a ghost from an easier time
She came to let me out
Cracks in the wall don't appear
We don't have time to let them

She came up warm from inside
Arcane eyes turned wide in a haze
All my thoughts of days, gone astray
Curving around the river bend
All my life to feel that again
Just thirst, no sense
Just shade and light
A fever running high
Track Name: I Could Have Been Right
I could have been right, keeping everything my own way
You could have been wrong, calling everything by it's right name
It should have been hard, burning pictures with a life in
But it's easy to start when you're building something out of nothing

Maybe you and I were not cut out for this steady motion
Sometimes we miss the black and white
The feeling that it's all-or-nothing
I think we've been away too long
We need a one-way ticket to get back home

You could have been wrong, keeping measures of your own ways
'Cause when you're out on your own, the lists you've made will count for nothing
Track Name: Nothing Waiting
Dawn air, lost time
Streets sounds drift by
You make that call now
Constant, slowed down

When I give you the right, it won't mean that you are
You feel less when you lie

Twilight, head out
Pass up these crowds
At midnight, no change
Nothing waiting

I try to meet you on my good side sometimes
But that line of questioning won't sit right with me this time

Dawn air, twilight, cold rain, I won't mind
Track Name: Recovery Song
I cut you in on the one thing that cut you out
I kept everyone else away
You know I had to be distant to find you now
I had to come home just to say that you keep me in the right place
I might only see it with my eyes strained

Though she's full of the one thing I miss tonight
It's easy to turn away
Since I've been out from the shade, out into the light
I've been blinded enough that I'll say that you keep me in the right place

It took every false emotion just to set that heart into motion
Track Name: Longer Way Home
Tell me when you've seen her
Try to let a little light in
I never thought you'd be there
Or know enough to do the right thing

When I never seemed to know the right way to feel in the moment
And she never seemed to notice that spark that I found

I took a longer way home
Tried to let a little light in
Whatever you call soul
I cleared it out to fit my life in

When you find your real home
Try to let a little light in
I'll let the smaller things go
I'll remember you smiling
Track Name: Never Asked You
I can feel I'm getting lost in her afterthought
It was always second nature, now I know that she wants more
She's got the keys and a foot in the door
Maybe she's got more than a foot in the door

She said "I think it's time I stopped looking out for you
Though you wear the way we both act better than I do
These songs are better than the truth
The words I choose sound better than the truth"

Maybe on a morning when my head gets clear
I'll learn just how to sing this, in a voice you'll want to hear
I'll be the girl you never thought you'd see
I'll be that girl who never asked you for a thing
Track Name: Big Ideas
You had some big ideas, I almost believed them
With designs on anything, I never thought you'd be leaving now

It left you nothing much to talk about
You kept the spark you couldn't live without out of sight
Out of my mind

You won't find yourself in here if you don't want to feel it
I can't wait out another year while you re-write the meanings out

It left you nothing much to talk about
You kept the fire you couldn't live without out of sight
Out of my mind
When the time was right, I was out of my mind

Sat in the dark, you think you see your place
Another lie you tell to help you keep your distance
But you're never alone until you feel that way
And you break the only bond that helped you get there
Well, I hope you find another
And I hope you get another big idea
Track Name: Ex-Sentimental
When I take you out in the afternoon
There's a faint sense that I once held more of your time
But if I walk around like I own somewhere
Maybe you'll see the light, you'll find a new way to smile

But it won't keep you long, it won't take you with me...I see that
I'm just hoping, for once, I'll be the last one down and find you tonight

So will you come out? Or will you let me in?
I've been the same since the dawn; offhand, unmoved by it all
But that's just the way that we raised ourselves
We can change at the core, and I'll try to be who you want

If I hold my head down, you can do this alone