When The Light Comes

by Tiny Cinema

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released October 8, 2007

Written and recorded by Darren Jilks



all rights reserved
Track Name: Crossing Over
Don't over-think this situation
You drew a line knowing you'd never cross it
But when the pieces all fit together
You remember something you thought you'd lost

You're still wide-eyed when the light comes
Through the blinds, breaking onto the bed
But when you leave I'm not even started
And this cycle ends before it begins

When I drag you down with me, it's the words I will fear the least

I could live with every moment
Growing tired and moving onto the next
But when our dreams start crossing over
I get by knowing this moment won't last
Track Name: Resolutions
I catch a look across the room but you don't read my mind
It's just another year we drink to forget
Knowing we'll make the same mistakes again

The days tell you all that you don't want to know
If I don't keep this resolution now, I never will
And I never do

I catch your look from up above
But I don't see you right, you're just a silhouette
Without that look in your eyes that would show that you're really here
Track Name: Where You Live
There's a ghost with your face that still walks around this town
The town I used to live in
That's the voice I can hear every time that I come down
It makes me tell all the wrong things to the one girl who hears every word I say
And it's you that I still blame for me acting this way

There's an old picture that you might still remember well
It smiles, but with no feeling
There's a line that I read in a letter you once sent
That in time just lost all its meaning

Now it's cold where you live, and the world don't owe you a thing
I can't take this wait from you, it's not a burden that I need

Shutting yourself off won't make you right
You can't set a story straight when you've only heard one side

You can say that I'm wrong, and the blame's not where it belongs
But with the world against you now, who's gonna listen if I'm not?
Track Name: Lose Me Anywhere
The world slows down when I sleep
Your voice shuts out all the noise that I don't need to hear
Instead of talking about situations where I let you down
I just get a whisper and it all disappears until I just see you

We'll go outside
You can lose me anywhere on the way and you know that I'll be fine
There's just a scene playing out in my head that I never had time to forget
It's blocking out the light I once knew, and keeping me from you

Even when I'm around, I'm never in the moment
I'm just waiting for the next one to come