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released April 6, 2012

'Pressurised' written by Darren Jilks
'Underground Queen' written by Jamie Burchell & Andrew Ferris (originally performed by Jetplane Landing)



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Track Name: Pressurised
I put some pressure on you, I never felt it back
I thought existing with you might see my way through that

Just take what you came for, it's still not enough

You'll never become the ghost of the girl you are
So release that tension on me, no better place to start

I care how you see this, I still care too much

I spent a week on the dark side you've been drifting away from
I never wanted to start changing you, by name or in nature

I miss, when I'm alone, the same things that I miss when you're home
But for all that I won't do, I just can't stop pressuring you