Hotel Radio

by Tiny Cinema

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released April 4, 2010

Written and recorded by Darren Jilks



all rights reserved
Track Name: The Last Thing On My Mind
Don't want to feel like I'm control now
If it left you cold there, well, it left me colder
But that's the last thing on my mind

Turn the lights down mid-conversation
In any other hotel, a slight hesitation
But that's the last thing on your mind

If you need more direction, maybe less of my attention
I could keep the distance that you made
If I assume your position without knowing what you're thinking
I could say it's the last thing on your mind
I wish I could say it's the last thing on my mind

So leave the blinds up as you let the dawn in
If only for a moment, we're out in the open
But that's the last thing on your mind

If you need more attention then just look in my direction
Over time our frequencies don't change
When I thought you were listening to a lost cause, you missed it
If it's there, it's the last thing on your mind
If I even care, it's the last thing on my mind
Track Name: E Minor D
I count the steps ahead of you tonight
Three or more enough to keep you from my side
Now on the step outside, we sit a while
Dulled by everything we used to make this feel right

We're alone, but you're acting like somebody's watching

Don't keep this concealed here
It won't keep your eyes from straying
If I see this but don't feel it
It might keep the ground from shaking, might shake it off

I wake up to the sound of breaking waves
Two short hours brought the cold light of the day
But this is not the bed I have to make
It makes it harder when I try to lose my way

When I'm home, I never sleep without somebody watching

Just don't expect the worst and I won't mind if you forget it all in time
If you were not the first, I wouldn't lie
But this is not my life

In this hotel you never sleep alone
Track Name: A Storm Coming
If there's a storm coming in, I'm watching, not sleeping
If this rain never ends, we can just stay inside
Spent a life worrying, to this point you've been leading
The red sky won't lie, but you'll still deny the fear in your eyes
There's a storm coming

It put the light of the end of the hall while you're sleeping
It burned up that cool summer wind and left you outside
It put the weight at the end of your line, now you're sinking
But strangers still smile at you sometimes, and on this you'll rely
You'll learn nothing