Good Morning / City Blues

by Tiny Cinema

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released August 21, 2006

Written and recorded by Darren Jilks



all rights reserved
Track Name: What You're Running From
Would you settle down if that's what he wanted to say?
Or something out of the blue that made you think you felt the same?
When you drift in and out, you're giving nothing away
But the way that time goes by leaves you no time to waste

If you could smile here tonight, I would try to help you along
But I just don't know enough to know what you're running from

Would you calm down? It's not the end of the world
Just let go and let me hold on every word
If you're holding back, don't hold it over my head
Because I'm still holding on to what I know was never there
Track Name: World Outside The Window
You're running out of time as the afternoon turns into twilight
So you drink to all your friends and hope they'll never be alone again
The conversation dried up at the bottom of a glass
They all talk about the future but they're buried in the past

I've been walking with my eyes closed but now I'm just coming to
There's a light outside the window but you never let it through
I had the lines, but I never had the time
Now I see the world outside the window I never knew
So step outside, as if tonight's not hard enough for you

You made all your excuses, now you're leaving on your own
In that moment, you realised that this is not where you belong
In the back seat of the car, with your head against the glass
You count the hours until sunrise, and then you're never looking back

It's not a sign to show you where you're going wrong
It's just the chance you might have been there all along
And when the dawn breaks, you're on your own
Track Name: Don't Speak For Me
I should never have told you that I was fine
It's a new attempt to pretend that I'm not wasting your time, like always
There are too many decisions that I can't make
There are too many chances I'm not willing to take

I know that you'll feel better when I move to cross the line
Just don't speak for me when I'm not there on your side

You save yourself for the weekend
While I still try to divide my attention between what I want and real life
You're holding on to a memory that's lost to me
It's like I'm making a promise that I'll never keep

The rainfall feels better in the morning
And I can't recall just how we got so lost
If we get this out and move on now then we'll be alright
Just don't speak for me when I'm not there on your side
Track Name: Get It Started
I got lost, but not how I wanted
Now I just need to hit the ground so I can see you again
In this sleepwalk I found myself in
I could never give enough to make you feel the same

It takes all I've got know just to force a smile, just to make a change
But just when I think you're breaking me down we get it started again
And you're no different

We all know time, but it's time we wasted
It's like I never knew that I had a plan until I threw it away
Now I slide through every motion
And I slur through every line like it's really what I want to say
Track Name: Morning City Blues
Sat on the stairs, I just caught a look
That's making me feel like we've been here before
Maybe it's just the smile you always put on
Or maybe you see I know more than you thought

'Cause I feel it too...
When people move on, you get left on your own
This town won't always feel like your home
I know just how you feel in the morning 'cause I'm already there tonight

As the sun's coming up, you feel the regret
But it's only a night you know you can defend
'Cause you've still got a distant look in your eyes
That sees something better than this, that shows you're alive
Track Name: Epilogue / Prologue
Once I had this great idea, now it seems so long ago
A caffeine kick brings the memory back
At this table by the window

This is just a year, but you've waited a lifetime for it
If you could see me now, something tells me you could wait forever

Some thoughts I form but never say
And that's why you never hear words like:
"You can look but you'll never find a place that feels like home"